Ukrainian DONATION Day (Evolution of Consciousness)

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Ukrainian DONATION Day

Ra Country    Evolution of Consciousness

After the Revolution of Dignity

This began! Step by step.

Tested in 2015. Started in 2017 !

Select a meeting place by yourself.

Step one

Step two - biggiest


Name of  the Action: UkRAinian DONATION Day.

Aim of the Action: Creative State Realization.

Definition: The situation in Ukraine and the World for the transition is formed!

The Action (simple and comprehensive): without an outer fight against an inner aspiration!

The action looks as follows: a person or some people with national flags go out of their homes in the morning in big and small cities in a good mood, walk towards the center of the settlement or some fixed place of meeting in order to get there by 12:00 exactly.

Attention! At the place people start to present each other anything useful, except some things that will be mentioned below. They get acquainted, communicate and try to give as more gifts as it is possible! It lasts for one hour exactly to 13:00. Then the happy people in a good and inspired mood walk back to their homes holding flags and gifts. An Action like that happens every month, the date, the place of meeting and improvements without deformations being possible.


  1. Many people would like to do or change something but they temporarily cannot see what and how. This Action gives the possibility to express themselves creatively and powerfully by taking part in it in any role.
  2. Healthy lifestyle: Walking (or running) on the fresh air is the best fitness for all. In order to get to the center (for example) of a big city one should get up early. Thus, one needs to go to bed early as well and this way the day regime is corrected. This, in its turn, leads to considerable change of your life. By the way, jumping over a fire, diving and so on can also be added to the activities described above.
  3. On your way you can make beautiful and good deeds: a) you must sing (!!) NEW (!!) national songs; b) decorate everything around with national symbols, paint, clean, welcome and help passers-by. No limits for your fantasy…
  4. To inspire others with your looks, demonstrating generous active calmness without an excessive euphoria.
  5. Forming of new traditions and festivals.
  6. A person is the happiest while DONATING, and the most grateful while accepting! When relations like these take place, unique connections between people are created. Those presenting feel their might, generosity, nobility, importance and creativity. Those accepting feel care, attention, gratefulness, support, self-realization possibilities. But the most important thing is to present as much as possible to widen the circle of those presenting and exchanging in conditions of the former values system passing away in the particular.
  7. Possibility to get rid of solitude, meeting confederates in real, to exchange ones energy, experiencing the state of creation.
  8. Getting also material benefits for reflection and further passionate creation.

Desirable and not recommended

It is not recommended or severely prohibited:

  1. To use any non-national, obsolete, public or registered party symbols.
  2. To use aggressive, insulting slogans, exclamations and jests, as well as songs, texts, inscriptions, symbols.
  3. Prohibited songs, poems, texts, symbols and concepts, which are the words: tobacco pipe, wineglass, vodka, drown, hanged, hate, betrayal, adultery, cursing, envy, deceit, violence, sacrifice, black magic and more. Well, you understand. That is overwhelming majority of songs created by people and implemented into nation.
  4. Rallies, propaganda, religious rituals, protest context are strictly forbidden. We do not fight, but create the new!
  5. It is strictly forbidden to take part in actions under the influence of alcohol or drugs. What does it mean? It is about 12 major energy vampires supported by the system to ensure that you never know yourself and do not understand who you really are. Specifically prohibited: any alcohol, smoking any substance, tea (black or green), chocolate, coffee, fizzy and sweet (shop) drinks, chewing gum, snacks (crust, chips, crisps, crackers, etc.), curse words, tattoos, piercings and perversion, energy drinks, promote homosexual relationships, light and heavy drugs, gambling. This ballast is necessary to get rid of to become light and to climb up.
  6. Vulgar and shameful behaviour or "doing good" without consent are forbidden.
  8. Exchange or DONATION containing the above energy vampires and presenting: meat, fish, chemical "sweets" rubbish, things of dark or false content, spoiled things as a symbol of deception are not recommended or forbidden!
  9. It is not recommended to enlist to the Action the forces that would use it in their own interests.

Continue by yourself…

Prohibitions are valid before, during and after the Action itself. It is desirable to keep to them in future as well.


  1. Recomended. National flags and at least one Solar-Blue (yellow top, blue - underneath) flag as a symbol of the basics of life. Solar-Blue flag is one of the oldest symbols since the beginning of the world, and a symbol of the coming epoch, of people who wake up and have woke up! The location of the natural spiritual order (non-confessional) over the material (temporary) is meant.
  2. Positive national songs, slogans, poems and concepts and execute them. We have offers on this site. Create new symbols and recall the forgotten.
  3. National dress or its elements are strongly recommended. But !ATTENTION! No combinations of white, red and black or exclusively red or black, also no combinations of red and black colors. We propose light or simple white or festive (according to your traditions) dress with yellow and violet implements. If the weather is fit for it, walk barefoot carefully.
  4. Exchange and give really necessary materials, books, art, software, sports, household objects, people's common healthcare goods, garments, positive symbols except the junk mentioned above. First of all, products for sustenance are welcome. You may continue this list by yourself…

It is recommended to make small cards with slogans typed, highlighted with different colors for better memorizing. And to type the renewed national Anthem on the back. The cards are meant to be handled to all wishers.


  1. A vast field for self-realization is opened with the help of this idea without any pressure from above or below, as the Action may be improved considerably, unless one distorts the main idea and if one treats the authors with respect.
  2. The Action the most likely will not be coordinated in the social resources centrally, but situationally and everywhere. So be alert to sources from where you will get information about performance, filter and check it better by word of mouth. The idea author, founder and chief coordinator is Lukashov Mykola Serhiyovych, the city of Sicheslav (Dnipropetrovsk), Ukraine; website:
  3. Every month new ideas for the Actions will be offered for improvement without overloading. You yourself can make offers.
  4. It is desirable to extend the range of your associates, invite friends (it's a family holiday), neighbors for meeting and helping. You can, for example, create beautiful cards, spread them on the porches in your area, the next time you are going to give them all people in the yard. Form the circle!
  5. Proceed by yourself. The tool is in your hands. You have all the possibilities. When negotiating positions with other people or environments act by consensus; for the compromise means someone to be inferior, and consensus means that all agree.
  6. With this event of gifting we are deploying next world. It is the new with use of previous experience. Ukraine has to have a new way of life! The main thing - to present including to those who can not yet present in response, and preferably to thankful ones.
  7. As you can see, the Action takes place partly on a weekday morning and lasts till the midday. It is very important! People should take leaves at work, make a day off for themselves, to free themselves. This way we can see people in the Space of Freedom! The new country can be showed by free people only! People, that have free time and consequently, the possibility to create, getting rid of unnecessary things.
  8. This action is very similar to what happens sometimes in different parts of the world, and at the same time it is our unique because this is the next level of World Order!
  9. Taking into account that it is high time for we to shine more and more brightly all over the world day by day, as it should be (and as every attentive person knows), then this Action is provided by Ukraine in the name of the World!
  10. The action Took place, Is and Will be held by any number of people.


The Freeman MyKolo Lukash ov

Offician song: Viktor Pashnyk - "My land, arise!".


  1. Take care of securing the place for fixing flags and symbols on your arrival to the place of assembly.
  2. Take care of comfortable delivering presents to the place of meetings and back.
  3. Take care of security. Be careful.
  4. Solar-Blue flag is imperative. To create the required flag a rod or pole is needed. The flag should be carefully picked to pieces on its blue end and its yellow side attached with a tape to the top.

+ It should happen in 75 countries of the world simultaneously.

If you have any questions, ask them calling the following e-mail  Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів, Вам потрібно включити JavaScript для перегляду , MyKolo.


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